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Online Gallery

A showcase of local artists

Check back frequently to see the work of emerging local artists that are helping to invent, define, redefine and motivate Kenyan culture.

If you would like to purchase or find out more about any of the art shown here, we encourage you to contact the artist directly.

Samskiddo L’artiste


Together with 2 more artists and friends we came together and formed Peupe art gallery Eldoret where we showcase our works and also do mentorship to young and passionate upcoming artists. due to the fact that I never attended any art class I can say I’m not limited to any style, well I tried all of them before finding the one I leaned more to, that is realism, but my colleague tells me I’m so good at abstracts so to sum it all I’m a realism artist with a touch of abstraction. I mainly use oil and acrylic paints on canvas and also do charcoal and graphite portraits. My work is inspired by the way as artists we are blessed with a unique ability to see our world differently from normal people, so I always use my art to express myself and share my beautiful view that I see of our world artistically. I do have personal projects where a collector can choose ready paintings from and also do take orders which can be customised according to the client’s needs. You can view some of my works hanging at several public places around Eldoret i.e. wings 23 restaurant and pub , Blue lounge, mwangiz beauty parlour both Rupas mall and town branch and several offices i.e Eldotec consultancy ltd.


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