Rules and Regulations

Our expectations for user behaviour.

These are the policies that regulate the behavior of ALL users of Kikao64 coworking space. Kikao64 users are expected to be cordial, cooperative, cautious and diligent when occupying the premises.

The Kikao64 website, space and services are available to people who are at least 16 years of age.


  • Members are required to meet their visitors at the reception and ensure that they sign in properly.
  • All visitors who are not part of a meeting room booking are required to purchase a Day Pass.
  • Members are allowed to meet with their visitors only in booked meeting rooms. If a visitor wishes to stay at Kikao64 after the meeting, he/she will be required to purchase a daily membership pass.

Business Hours

  • Kikao64 business hours are Monday to Friday 8 am-8 pm, Saturdays 9 am-6 pm, Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays, including gazetted Public Holidays.


  • Kikao64 membership is specific to a member.
  • Kikao64 membership passes, meeting rooms, desks, lettable offices and event bookings are subject to availability and approval by Kikao64 management.
  • Kikao64 reserves the right of admission and refusal.


  • All payments at Kikao64 including Kikao64 cafe purchases must be made via mobile money, bank transfer, or card payment. No cash payments are allowed at the premises.
  • Kikao64 membership will be activated and access credentials issued only after a payment has been received and verified by Kikao64 staff.
  • All additional service payments such as printing, meeting room charges and event ticket purchases must be paid for in full before exiting the premises.
  • Recurring Kikao64 membership fees will be payable in advance on the day of renewal.
  • All payments must be received in the exact amounts and currency as invoiced with deductions or transaction charges solely the responsibility of the member.
  • Kikao64 reserves the right to change the pricing of memberships and services at any time without prior notice.


  • All payments to Kikao64 are non-refundable.

General Care & Safety

  • Kikao64 members are required to be mindful of fellow members and Kikao64 staff.
  • Any public nuisance, offensive language, threatening behavior, abuse of Kikao64 staff or other members will not be tolerated.
  • It is the responsibility of Kikao64 members to clean after themselves.
  • Any physical alterations, improvements or additions to the Kikao64 is not permitted.

Quiet and Talk / Casual Spaces

  • Kikao64 has created separate work spaces for different types of memberships and noise levels. All members are required to observe the guidelines for each designated area.
  • Kikao64 members are required to observe total silence when using the Quiet Area.
  • Kikao64 members are required to observe etiquette and decorum when using Talk Areas & Lounges.

Meeting Rooms

  • Kikao64 members will be required to pre-book the meeting rooms on the Kikao64 website.
  • Request for an extension at the front desk whenever their meeting extends beyond the allocated time. Extended bookings will be charged for the additional duration.
  • Meetings at Kikao64 may only take place during official business hours.

Phone Booths

  • Members will be required to notify the Kikao64 front desk when they need to use a phone booth.
  • The phone booths can be booked for up to 2hrs at a time and members are required to use the booths responsibly.

Passwords & Access Codes

  • Members are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of all WiFi credentials or keys assigned by Kikao64.
  • Revealing or sharing your access credentials or WiFi passwords with another person, member or not, is not permitted.

Business Activities

  • Any member or company occupying the Kikao64 premises will only do so for general office and normal incidental business purposes.
  • Members using the lettable offices are required to produce valid business certifications & licenses.
  • Kikao64 will not allow retail, legal, medical or any other business that requires frequent walk-in customers.
  • As a member, you agree that you will not falsely represent yourself or your company, impersonate or submit false or misleading information to Kikao64 management or its members.
  • Team memberships will be required to promptly notify Kikao64 management of any changes to the team, including when a member leaves, as and when it happens.
  • Members occupying the lettable offices may not have more than (3) three members officially registered with Kikao64 and using the office at any given time.


  • Members will be required to produce a government issued identification document for registration at Kikao64.
  • Members may be required to produce a valid immigration document, business compliance certificates and licenses whenever Kiko64 management deems necessary.
  • CCTV cameras are located at strategic points throughout the premises for Kikao64 security and that of members.
  • All members must use Kikao64 issued access tags whenever accessing the building, offices or meeting rooms.
  • Kikao64 will not be liable for any property you lost or left behind.
  • Any property left behind and collected by Kikao64 staff, will be placed in the Lost & Found box. Unclaimed property will be disposed of after 30 days.
  • Kikao64 will take no liability for any claims, loss, damage or injury to you or your personal property as well as loss of profits, business interruption or loss of information arising directly or indirectly when using the Kikao64 premises.


  • Food may be eaten in the designated dining area located in the garden, only.
  • All Kikao64 cups, glasses & utensils must be returned to the self-serve counter and placed in the dirty dishes tray for cleaning.


  • Members may work from the Kikao64 area only when ordering from the café.
  • Food or drink from outside are not permitted at the Café counter.
  • Non-members may purchase from the Café but only take-away orders.

Waste Management

  • Kikao64 has installed recycling waste bins at strategic locations throughout the premises for appropriate and responsible disposal of waste

COVID-19 Compliance

  • We do not allow entry without a mask. Haturuhusu kuingia bila barakoa.
  • Your mask must cover your nose and mouth. Barakoa lako lazima lifunike pua na mdomo wako.
  • Keep your mask on at all times, unless when eating. Vaa barakoa wakati wote, isipokua wakati wa kukula.
  • We check body temperature at entry. Tunapima joto la mwili langoni.
  • Anyone with a temperature of 37C and above, will not be allowed access into the building. Mtu yeyote aliye na joto la 37C na zaidi, hataruhusiwa kuingia kwenye jengo hili.
  • Maintain a social distance of 2 meters at all times while in the building. Weka umbali wa kijamii wa mita 2 wakati wote ukiwa ndani ya jengo hili.
  • Please do not sit where you see the sign “THIS DESK IS NOT IN USE”. Tafadhali usikae mahali ambapo kuna ishara hili “THIS DESK IS NOT IN USE”.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap & water for at least 20 seconds. Osha mikono yako mara kwa mara na sabuni na maji kwa angalau sekunde ishirini.
  • Sanitize your hands with a hand rub containing at least 60% alcohol. Safisha mikono kwa kutumia kitakasa mikono chenye angalau asilimia 60 ya kileo.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing or do so into your elbow. Funika mdomo na pua wakati wa kukohoa au kupiga chafya au fanya hivyo kwenye kiwiko chako.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water after coughing or sneezing. Osha mikono yako ukitumia sabuni na maji baada ya kukohoa au kupiga chafya.
  • Dispose of all used masks, gloves, and tissues in the medical waste bin provided. Tupa barakoa,glavu na tishu zilizotumika kwenye pipa la taka la matibabu.
  • Avoid touching your face to minimize transfer and spread of the virus. Epuka kugusa uso wako ili kupunguza maambukizi na kuenea kwa virusi.
  • Avoid as much as possible touching too many surfaces, unnecessarily. Epuka kugusa nyuso nyingi ovyo ovyo.
  • Clean and disinfect your work area and tools frequently. Safisha eneo lako la kazi na vyombo mara kwa mara.
  • Avoid sharing equipment and tools. Punguza kutumia vyombo vya mwenzako.
  • Keep windows open at all times to allow adequate ventilation while in the building. Fungua madirisha wakati wote ili kuruhusu hewa ya kutosha ukiwa ndani ya jengo.
  • Minimize as much as possible any in-person group meetings. Punguza mikutano yoyote ya kikundi cha watu.
  • Please stay home if you’re feeling sick. Tafadhali kaa nyumbani ikiwa unajihisi mgonjwa.
  • Please reschedule your visit to Kikao64 if you’re experiencing any of the Covid-19 signs and symptoms. Tafadhali hairisha kutembelea Kikao64 ikiwa una dalili zozote za Covid-19.

Mail & Package Handling

  • Members are required to collect all hand delivered items outside the premises to avoid congestion of the reception area.
  • Kikao64 will not receive, sign-for or hold any delivered items for members.

Signage & Branding

  • Kikao64 will not permit members to display their company logos and other branding material within the premises.


  • Day parking is provided on availability basis
  • Members can only park at their designated and marked parking slots.
  • Leaving your vehicle in the parking lot overnight is strictly prohibited.
  • Vehicles are parked at the owners’ risk. Kikao64 will not accept responsibility for any accidents, damage, or loss.

Auxiliary Services

  • Kikao64 will offer relevant business auxiliary services from selected providers. However, should you opt to use Kikao64 recommended auxiliary services, the relationship will be between the member and the provider. Kikao64 will not be held liable for any mishaps, misrepresentation or disputes between members and service providers.

Discrimination & Harassment

  • Discrimination by members based on tribe, race, religion, gender, disability or any other characteristics protected by law, is strictly prohibited.
  • Harassment, intimidation or hostility, including unwelcome & unbecoming sexual conduct toward Kikao64 staff and other members is strictly prohibited.

Image Release

  • Kikao64 staff may take photos of the premises which may include members from time to time for marketing purposes. Kikao64 reserves the permissions to use and publish such photos without further intervention.
  • Members are strictly prohibited from taking photographs of other members or Kikao64 staff in the premises without consent.

Dispute Resolution

  • Kikao64 will attempt to resolve any dispute arising between a member and Kikao64. Should an in-person amicable resolution fail to achieve a resolution within (15) fifteen days, either party may declare in written notification to the other party where such dispute shall be referred for arbitration.
  • Kikao64 is not obligated to participate in any mediation should a dispute arise between members and or their visitors.

Termination of Membership & Services

  • Kikao64 reserves the right to suspend or terminate services & memberships without prior notice should we suspect that a member failed to comply with any of the terms & rules set out in this document.
  • A member may cancel or terminate membership(s) by submitting a written request at any time to Termination will be effective immediately, once receipt is acknowledged by Kikao64 management.
  • A member will remain liable to pay any overdue amounts despite termination of membership.


  • Members shall not use or copy any intellectual property belonging to other Kikao64 members for any purpose, business or otherwise.
  • Members must observe and maintain privacy and confidentiality of any information unwillingly shared or overheard by fellow members or Kikao64 management.
  • Kikao64 may publish testimonials from members for business growth and marketing purposes. These testimonials will be subjective and will only reflect individual experience.


  • Kikao64 remains indemnified from and against any and all claims, liabilities, damages and expenses resulting from any breach of these terms by members, staff or visitors.


  • All relevant and necessary communication to members will be made through the official Kikao64 email address.
  • Any questions or concerns regarding these guidelines should be sent to

Dress Code

  • We encourage you to dress appropriately by observing that your attire is neither too comfortable or uncomfortable for the person next to you.

Kikao64 reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions without prior notice. Should changes be made, members will be notified via email and the revised document attached. The revised document will thereafter come into effect immediately and will supersede previous versions of the document and it will be assumed that the member has accepted the revised terms.


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