Benefits of Co-Working spaces: Why Kikao64 Co-Working Space?

Bazil Jabuto

March 10, 2022

It has been 1 year since we opened our doors to our patrons. Since then, we’ve met many people, hosted startups, seen professionals meet and network, and realized the immense potential in people’s connectivity. But above all, we’ve created a space for professionals, students, nonprofits, freelancers, entrepreneurs, creatives, and athletes to work, connect, and achieve. So, in this article, we share with you what we’ve seen, the benefits of a co-working space to the community, and why Kikao64 is well-positioned to serve you. We’ll also share with you our future plans for the community of entrepreneurs, startups, nonprofits, freelancers, creatives, and students in Eldoret and its environs. 

About Kikao64 Hub

Located in Eldoret’s busy Kenyatta street, Kiako64 is a modern co-working space – a first of its own kind. Like any other co-working space, Kikao64 is where professionals, entrepreneurs, startups, non-profits, students, freelancers, and creatives come to work, connect, network, and grow. It’s a space for all and a community of like-minded people. But that’s not all.

Kika64 as a Hub minds the community; we offer subsidized spaces for nonprofits, students, athletes, and startups in need. During the  COVID-19 pandemic, Kikao64 has also offered subsidies to all other patrons.

Why Should You Work at Kikao64 Co-Working Space?

Less distractions and functionality 

First things first: the number one reason why people prefer workspaces and not working from home, a restaurant, or a cafe is distractions. Working in shared places improves productivity compared to working at home. How?

It’s the ambience you get that sets the stage for your productivity

You are surrounded by people focused on their work/ study. This encourages you to do something and results in a more productive outcome. Second, the environment encourages you to work with desks and offices set up in a way that eschews idleness. The functionality of the space also boosts productivity as it allows you to switch your workstation from the conventional desk to the outdoor patio where you are surrounded with nature, giving you a breath of fresh air. You may also make use of the standing desks, catch up with a coworker, or better yet, grab a cup of coffee to give you the boost of energy you need to stay focused on your tasks. 

Walking into Kikao64, you meet a team of professionals ready to support you. A step further is a pool of professionals sitting in perfectly designed and maintained workspaces with comfortable, ergonomic chairs for improved productivity. And when you start working, the high-speed internet will improve your focus without distractions. Different working sections are designed to allow you to focus and be productive while still being able to mingle with others. 

Networking and social connections 

Coworking increases people’s chances of meeting like-minded individuals. This is a great incentive for growth, business development, collaboration, and networking. You get to interact with people from various backgrounds, industries, and sectors. This not only fosters a sense of community but interacting with professionals and high-performing individuals also boosts your own self-confidence. 

Working in a shared office hub gives you access to various people on the same wavelength as a startup or an individual professional. This kind of atmosphere allows you to engage without even realizing it. You’ll make mutually beneficial relationships, contacts, and friendships in the process. Startups value this interaction because they’re also introduced to many networks, often resulting in business leads.

In the past one year, we’ve seen people from different backgrounds interacting, networking, and ultimately collaborating to achieve a greater goal.

Amenities and services

Shared workspaces, like Kikao64, offer amenities that encourage work. First, the Kikao64 co-working space is lined with beautiful artwork and various seating arrangements. You choose where you want to sit in a space you feel will give you maximum productivity. If you need coffee to boost your work, order coffee from the in-house Kikao64 cafe. If you need to make a phone call, business call, or short-time meeting, walk into a soundproof phone booth. If your mind is tired and wants a small break, we have an outdoor space next to a garden to give you fresh air and help you relax. Startups and individuals use these amenities in addition to the meeting or conference rooms, private offices, and outdoor workspaces to give them full functionality.  

A shared workspace will give you essential networks and create a highly professional connection base and appearance even if your company is new, which is a great kickstart for any business.

Community and cooperation 

It can be daunting when you’re setting out on your own such as a freelancer or starting something new as a startup or solopreneur. But when you share a workspace with others, you get to meet inspirational and cooperative people with whom you can consult, share and grow or even see something that lifts you. While finding an office can be difficult and expensive, a workspace is a walk-in office with everything you need made available at affordable rates.

But that’s not all. 

A workspace also creates a sense of community and community development with great offers and discounts and possible reduced running and operational costs. Kikao64 offers subsidized spaces and the COVID-19 Relief Initiative to support and inspire patrons – entrepreneurs, non-profits, startups, students, and athletes – by giving a 50% discount on all desks and meeting rooms. This has helped support the community and helped them sustain themselves to make their lives convenient and enhance their work-life balance.

Events and networking forums

Your personal well-being and development are important while you’re at work. Kikao64 has gone to great lengths to conduct different events for members to support social interaction and community development. This offers an opportunity to network and forge collaborations. 

Some of the notable events at Kikao64 are book clubs every last Thursday of the month, Yoga classes, a  Kids art & book club every Saturday and Fireside chats. All members are encouraged to be active participants in such events to learn, get the opportunity to meet and interact with new people and socialize with fellow members outside the usually strained work environments. 

Industry, business, and economic development

Everyone – entrepreneurs, students, startups, freelancers, athletes, and more – go to a workspace such as Kikao64 to get the environment to work and network. But that’s not the only thing they should get. Kikao64 is not only about work. In collaboration with various partners, Kikao64 runs a number of programs for business incubation of ideas and startup support as well as student support. The idea is through this support, collaboration, and support through different platforms, people can network and come together while startup businesses can grow for the greater good or economic development both for the county and the country. This is why Kikao64 is also supporting and challenging members and partners to have inclusive, scalable, and sustainable business initiatives. 

Sustainability and environmental conservation

In today’s world, sustainability is key for every business and the environment. Kikao64 excels in both. With this in mind, Kikao64 is full of modern touches, embraces sustainability, and promotes locally crafted materials. First, the straightforward, minimalistic office partitions are created from pressed recycled milk cartons. Second, the sound-absorbing phone booths are lined with felt that is made from recycled blankets. The desks are built from recycled pieces of mango wood – all constructed locally. The outside space is access to fresh air and a vegetable garden, which is kept healthy and green using natural compost. 

But Kikao64’s sustainability doesn’t end there.

With Solar Panels on the roof, sustainability continues with the solar power generation that produces clean energy for Kikao64 workspace’s room lighting and charging of electronics – phones, laptops, computers – even on cloudy days. But even with this, Kikao64 has large window spaces and more space to encourage the use of natural light during the day. Also, rainwater is harvested to supply the plumbing and garden watering. Nothing goes to waste. Even for cleaning Kikao64 uses an eco-friendly vegan soap concentrate made from natural essential oils without chemicals.

Wrapping Up

Shared office spaces have numerous benefits for individuals and businesses. Workspaces give hassle-free transactions making them a worthy investment for startups, SMEs, and freelancers. Benefits like networking with like-minded people, ambient work environment, and business opportunities also improve the likability of workspaces. At Kikao64, we are committed to providing a functional space where people can network, share experiences and feel a sense of belonging in a vibrant community. We seek to nurture ideas and foster innovation through collaboration. And we embrace environmental sustainability and clean energy as we prioritize our patrons’ well-being. 

So What Next…

Book a Space online, call us or walk in and enjoy the best working environment. We can promise you a flexible and functional workspace that offers comfort, connectivity, networking, and optimized productivity. You’ll also enjoy beautifully designed and ergonomically mindful modern offices and meeting rooms for individuals & companies of all sizes.


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