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Why Kikao64 Hub is Your Plug for Networking in Eldoret

Winnie Kabintie

November 15, 2021

As the good old saying goes; “Your network is your net worth”, this has proven true when it comes to growing your career or business.

Networking is the exchange of information and ideas among people with a common profession or special interest, usually in an informal social setting.

Events that include conferences, trade fairs and professional development classes have for a long time ranked top for networking and co-working spaces now rank high in the list as well. Depending with their clientele and location, co-working spaces are poised to provide some of the best avenues for networking.

In this article, I highlight 3 major reasons that make Kikao64 ideal for networking.

1. Events

Kikao64 hosts a couple of exciting and well thought out events including Fireside chats that are hosted by a diverse pool of established professionals and you will be surprised at how many great connections you will make.

Kikao64 hosts some great Fireside chats every Thursday evening that are quite informative and interactive. I was able to make new friends and discover more about the ballooning start-up ecosystem in Eldoret.” Mercy Mang’eni Senor Consultant at Intellecap

 2.Diverse Pool of Professionals

Kikao64 offers state of art amenities with the serene ambience, high speed internet, inhouse library & café, professional and helpful staff, has made it a preferred work station for a wide range of people from students, creatives, young professionals and the business community. There are different working sections that allow you to focus and get productive while still giving you the room to mingle with others.

“Kikao64 has been an amazing place to work. Writing can usually be a very lonely process. Kikao accorded me not only a peaceful and beautiful space to write from, but also a link to other professionals and creatives in town. Kikao64’s weekly fireside chats helped me grow in different aspects of my professional and personal life. Kikao is exactly what Eldoret has been missing,” Oprah Oyugi, Screenwriter and Filmmaker.

“I was looking for a place I can work from in Eldoret and Kikao64 ticks all the boxes. The internet was fast, the staff was very supportive and friendly and to top it off, I made a few connections with like-minded creatives who inspired me to do great work,” Shadrack Kagahi, Software Developer.

3. Work and Play

Wellness at the workplace is essential to our general well-being and there are weekly wellness activities at Kikao64 such as Yoga that also provide great opportunities to meet and connect with other professionals outside the usual strained work environment.

Sign up at Kikao64 hub and join the vibrant community for a chance to network, collaborate and make meaningful connections. Check out our upcoming events HERE and join us!


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