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Joan Kaburia

September 3, 2021

Today’s workforce has been disrupted by the reality of remote work occasioned by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. When the pandemic came to the fore in 2020, the option of working from home became a culture that was embraced by many organizations and even though in 2021 some employees transitioned back to the office, a hybrid work model is becoming a trend across the globe.

Studies have shown that most people prefer a mix of both; a hybrid work model which combines both remote work and in-person. We might have successfully transitioned to remote work in 2020, however, are we successfully embracing the new norm? Is hybrid work the new challenge?

When working remotely, there are a variety of options you can consider besides the usual home environment or that corner restaurant. This includes getting a space co-working/ shared office place. A coworking space offers you more flexibility and versatility. Here are six reasons why you should choose a coworking space for your hybrid work needs;

  1. Break the monotony of working from home and get inspired by a creative environment with beautiful spaces like desks around windows and outdoor sitting spaces.
  2. Enjoy great amenities like an in-house café with the aroma of fresh coffee, phone booths and well-maintained workspaces.
  3. Eliminate distractions from your work day by limiting the noise around. Get quiet dedicated areas that help you focus and be productive.
  4. Grow your networks, make new connections, build friendships and learn from experts by working in a community.
  5. Engage, network and collaborate with peer coworking colleagues, get motivated and accountable.
  6. Improve your mental health through the wellness program in place, reduce stress by having a solid work structure/ routine and feel connected.

If you’re considering the option of finding a co-working space, it is vital for you to choose the space wisely and objectively, in line with your needs. Below are some Key things to consider in when looking for an ideal Co-working space.

  • Safety – How safe and secure is the workspace? This ranges from the facility observing COVID -19 protocols, personal information/ data privacy and physical security.
  • Space – What and how much space do you need? This may be guided by the type of work you are engaged in, the number of people and duration you would like to use the space.
  • Collaborative Environment -Do the space offer opportunities to interact and engage/ network with the community?
  • Facilities – Are the amenities accessible and up to standard?
  • Cost – Is it affordable and do you get value for money?



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